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The Learning Experience Design program is designed to give educators and learning professionals a new set of tools and skills that transform how they design and plan learning experiences. Participants will learn to use Learning Environment Modeling® to save time, enhance quality communication, and design effective learning experiences.

Learning Environment Modeling® is a revolutionary visual technique for reimagining and innovating learning experiences. It provides educators and learning professionals with a powerful tool to advance and energize learning within any environment: online, traditional, blended, academic or corporate, at program or course levels.

Particiants will achieve mastery in creating Learning Design “Blueprints” using Learning Environment Modeling® communicating design plans, facilitating collaborative design processes, and supporting continuous innovation of learning experiences.

This program is offered fully online with facilitated 1 hour live sessions. Participants will practice and apply new skills between live sessions and receive guidance and support from facilitators. Attendance is required in all scheduled live sessions.

Registration includes: Access to all Live Online Facilitated Sessions; Access to Session Recordings; Feedback and Support on Practice Exercises; Learning Environment Modeling™ for Learning Design eBook; Learning Environment Modeling™ Language Kit for

The LXD program is perfect for instructional designers, educators, and learning and development professionals. Key benefits:

Instructional Designers: Discover how to design learning environments and learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional in-person or online spaces. Learn a visual language that will help you reduce communication barriers often present when working with SMEs and other members of the development team.

Educators: Tackle curriculum committee challenges with confidence by approaching problems with a new set of skills and techniques. Gain new insights into how to increase learner engagement and motivation.

Learning and Development Professionals: Bring back strategies that will help your organization elevate its current professional development offerings. Be an agent of change by learning techniques that can help move your organization from a culture of training to a culture of learning.

Week 1: Explore modern learning environments, investigate learner personas, and introduction to the Learning Environment Modeling Language™.

Week 2: Focus on innovative learning strategies and developing strategy boards.

Week 3: Discuss the alignment of learning outcomes to the evidence of learning and develop focus boards to help improve our learning design.

Week 4: Focus on the value of developing design blueprints and patterns and apply the concepts learned.

John Gillmore, Ph.D., Senior Learning Strategy & Design Consultant

In addition to Dr. Gillmore’s efforts as an LX Studio consultant he serves as a research fellow with research and development efforts in learning design and learning analytics. John holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from UCO. His scholarly research area is in higher education organization, faculty management, and supervision.

Brandon McCasland, Learning Strategy & Design Consultant

Brandon has a graduate certificate in Public Digital Humanities from the University of Iowa, a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from The University of Alabama, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Texas State University.

Katherine L. Eaves, Ph.D., Learning Strategy & Design Consultant

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Eaves is an award-winning former journalist with more than 15 years’ experience as higher-education faculty. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in Communication from Wichita State University and her Ph.D. in Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Oklahoma. Katie also holds a Graduate Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies from OU and is Lean/Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified.

Live Sessions:

Date Location Price
January 26 and February 2, 9, 16 Online $750.00